Man must think, and this is me thinking ,what irritates me !

Problems about Indian society , talking about marriages!

Posted by Umang Sharma on July 25 , 2016

Indian Arranged Marriages ! (Especially the ones through matrimonial websites) From beginning till the end every freaking thing is wrong with them .

Little background ,I'm a 21 years old guy from a typical North Indian family , and I'm writing all the details of what I saw happening in and around my family ,neighbours etc in the name of arranged marriage.

Brace yourselves , sad and irritating details of stupidity and hypocrisy ahead !

So a typical arrange marriage starts with parents of both boys and girls looking for their perfect "matches".

Usually it happens through matrimonial websites (they're actually more in number than you can imagine ,and they suck the blood out of the parents' veins by charging them money every 2 months . Parents do not stop giving them money until they find a match ).

Alright ok till now , nothing annoying about this right ?

Ok here starts the real bothering stupidity.

The Marriage Amazon

These matrimonial websites are actually of boys and girls !On a typical matrimonial website a girl is described as follows .

Complexion :fair (yeah the skin color is more important than person's personality and attitude)

Height :5'3

Weight : seriously ?

Pay package : some number

Family type : middle class , upper class etc (basically an overview of how much dowry the groom's family can expect )

Diet : Veg / Non veg ,Yeah they do have this option :

Astro Details : Yeah odds of two people living together and spending their life are calculated by location of planets! (like universe and it's planets has no better purpose to serve rather than making matches and calculating compatibility )

Now here comes the details of the boy.Same parameters as above with some extra details added like:

Drinking/Smoking details (whether he drinks/smokes or not , yeah he'll definitely tell all those details here truly )

Father's occupation : wanna marry the father ?

Mother's occupation : House wife most of the times

A paragraph about the boy : Basically analogous to the product description of Amazon whether you should buy the product or not (most important section actually :P ) .This section is usually written by parents or sometime even by boys themselves who are desperate to get married :P A typical product description of boy looks like this:

We are upper middle class family of 4 people with boy being handsome ,nice physique , earning 6 figure salary . Father retired govt officer .Boy works for TCS, has once gone for on sight work at Israel We've bought a flat at noida extension will get possession in the year 2020 boy is athletic body , very fair , tall , well settled ."

Almost similar product description of girls as well , with some more details of family's finances (Dowry is quite important you know ;) ) And few other stupid details like what does boy's sister do ? (Yeah they actually have this section :O )

At the end of the product (bride/groom's) page there's this button which says "send interest" which is basically friend request equivalent of matrimonial websites :P ,through which parents connect With each other .

*If humans have had invented objectification meter ,these websites would have Burst it's upper limits .*

After liking each others' "profiles "Now if boy likes the girl's photos , the families meet , talk about other things like their properties, car , home , background , home town , etc And the most important thing DOWRY *_* The boy's family demands cash,car,property and what not.

Objectification level : Out of this universe

What irritates me the me in all this process?

Objectification : Most irritating thing , girls and boys are actually sold like products on internet their sales are done by showcasing features like pay package , weight,height , property , MBA , dad's job etc ! How stupid can we get ? For two people to live their life together most important is their each other's understanding,rest all can be taken care of .Boys and girls have just become a number called profile id on these matrimonial websites , which is what irritates me .

Greed : Look at the greed of these people asking car ,money , property and what not for marriage , few people talk about this in the very first meeting ! Look at the nerve of these people begging openly with pride ! Equally responsible are the bride's parents who give money to a person for marrying their daughter! I mean how stupid can you get?

Non Scientific Nonsense : Majority of the families before anything first thing they do is matching horoscopes.Like seriously? You'll decide the fate of life of two people by location of planets in solar system? So basically life of all the billions of couples in this world is governed by planets and stars? Yeah every one in this world does matches.Even bigger bullshit is these astrologers , they suck the money out of people by claiming that they'll make the marriage just give them few thousand rupees .

Best image to sum up the condition.